Leverage The Power Of Public Speaking & Build A Profitable Coaching Business in 2024

With the Diploma in Public Speaking for Coaches:

  • Delivered Live via Zoom
  • Completely FREE to Attend
  • Highly Interactive Training
  • Free Assessment + Diploma Included
Saturday 30th March - 9.30am - 3pm

Why Train With Us? ...

SPEAKup is Europe's #1 coach training company. We unleash the top 1% of coaches into the marketplace who are unrivalled in their expertise and sought after for their results.

Your time is valuable - we're not here to waste it.

Here's what you'll get from this training...


The Skills Needed to Make an Impact & Succeed As a Public Speaker

  • Learn what turns someone from an average speaker to one who can captivate the room
  • Banish nerves to become a confident speaker and allow your personality to shine
  • Tips from world-class speakers to infuse every speech with your unique voice and style to keep your audience engaged


Why Public Speaking is So Powerful for Coaches & How You Can Leverage it in 2024

  • Learn how the greats of coaching like Tony Robbins branded themselves in their early careers, and how you can do the same
  • Show up confidently as a leader in your niche so that your ideal clients are drawn to working with you
  • Discover the few specific platforms used by top speakers to find and secure paying gigs


A Solid Action Plan for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

  • Reflect on what you learned in this training and make a plan to implement it right away
  • The opportunity to ask our expert coaches any questions you may have about what it takes to become a successful public speaker
  • Leave with clarity and excitement at your future prospects, along with a powerful network of ambitious coaches from across the UK.

Best Of All?

You have now earned a Diploma in Public Speaking, showing that you've invested time in improving your skills and learning what it takes to become a great, sought after speaker who wants to make a positive impact.


Who is this training for?

This training is perfect for anybody considering how to launch a career as a public speaker, or those looking to add speaking to their existing coaching business. It's ideal for both new and more experienced coaches.

Is this worth my time?

This is a question that only you can answer, but if a career in public speaking is something you aspire to, then our promise is that you'll leave with new skills and a deeper understanding of how the best speakers build their businesses. The day will be inspiring, full of insights and practical tips for you to implement straight away.

Will I need a webcam and microphone to take part?

Yes. The full day workshop is interactive and full of activities.

Is this training accredited?

An introduction workshop of this kind isn't appropriate for external accreditation. However, we do run a 90-day public speaking course for those looking to become certified public speakers .

Will it be fun?

Ask our attendees... They look pretty happy, right?


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Duration: 5.5 hours. We aim to finish before the afternoon school run. Click the button below to check available dates/times.

Please note...This event is 100% free. However, if you book and do not show up, we will ask you to donate £30 to our chosen charity (Childline, supporting children in need across the world). Please only book if you are sure you can attend.